We've All Gone Digital, So Should you: E-Merging SMEs

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Nov 17, 2020


SME Shop

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Every business under the sun will gain so much more traction, the E-way!

Whether you're a successful small business or about to start one, putting your business online will be the best investment for it. With the current global pandemic, the average customer will check online for local goods and services, as opposed to walking into a store. People prefer to find information about their desired products and services online, for the sheer safety of it.

With unbeatable perks like low-cost setup, 24/7 365 hour operating hours, improved customer service, global visibility, multiplied sales, and overall business improvement, here are the important steps to E-merging your offline business with the forward movement of global marketing.

Get a Domain name: Getting your own domain name allows you to send company-branded emails, and run your own website, for a very professional touch; you can also link a web address to your social media, which is a great way for people to get all possible information about your business, with just a click. What this gives you is the ability to attend to your customers' needs at all times; an unaffordable luxury with offline businesses. This is so much better than just having a Facebook or social media page, because your online business is no longer dependent on the lifespan of another website, and you don't have to pay commissions to any site.

Sign up with SME Shop: For the most seamless transition, you will need SME Shop on your team. SME Shop educates you on the best ways to launch your business in the global market, as an E-commerce.

Have a Blog: Your customers want a show of professionalism and expertise, with engaging content; a blog will do just that. Your blog could be centered on new deals, or matters concerning your business sector; content that will draw engagement to your page.

List Your Business on Google My Business: List or claim the listing of your business on a search engine. This allows you to give correct information, respond to clients' reviews, and put a precise location for your store if the offline store is still in operation.

Get Familiar With SEO: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important marketing tactic that you should study. Have your full address in a standard format somewhere on your site, and it's even better if you make use of options to also embed it on your site in a machine-readable format commonly. This will help when people search for businesses near a given location.

Be Active on Social Media: Open as many social media pages as you can, because the world is versatile; your customer could be on any of these media. From Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr you will gain higher visibility and priority on search engines.

It is okay to start slowly and build your engagement and activeness over time. Discover which media helps your business the most and focus your resources and content there. 

Configure your E- Material for Mobile Viewing: A major setback online businesses suffer is not having a site optimized for browsing and viewing on mobile phones. If your content is difficult to access and navigate, you are likely to lose engagement and, consequently, sales.