Branding and Marketing for SMEs

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In this course, you'll get to know the key purpose of branding and marketing and why it is needed if a business must succeed.

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Module 1: Introduction

Meet Adenike Ogunlesi, a facilitator on SME shop, as she provides knowledge on brand management.

Module 2: What is a brand and why you need one?

Learning how to stand your brand apart from others in the market place and distinguishing its value from others by giving it an identity.

Module 3: Discovering your brand purpose

Identifying what value your brand is creating to you as the brand owner and to the consumers of your brand.

Module 4: Key qualities and benefits your brand offers

Identifying what influence the value created by the brand can produce long-term.

Module 5: Pricing and positioning

Identifying where to play in the market and matching your services and standards to fit into that market space.

Module 6: Creating awareness

Learning the applications of PR and advertising in brand marketing and awareness

Module 7: Sell. Sell.. Sell...

Learning basic sales technique, influencing sales through consumer insight, setting up a sales team and utilizing technology in gathering consumer data.

Module 8: Final words

Applying yourself towards achieving set goals, even in the face of challenges.

Module 9: Questions and answers

How to stay motivated when the vision is not looking appealing and applying self-validation as a powerful tool in brand building.


Adenike Ogunlesi

Founder and CEO - Ruff 'n' Tumble